Asadero is a restaurant with an emphasis on seasonal product, which works with various meats that are prepared in different ways to highlight the quality of each one. A grill, a clay oven and a smokehouse that work equally with meats and vegetables. An original menu, that moves away from tradition, to make a product that is unique.

Casa Cavia

Casa Cavia is an elegant home that brings together a restaurant, publishing house, booksellers and florist’s. Built in 1927 by Norwegian architect and artist Alejandro Christophersen, it was carefully restored to become what it is today: a return to the delights of the Belle Epoque in Buenos Aires in constant dialogue with the present. A meeting place of architecture, books, food and flowers.

Lupe García, creative director, has sought out the finest Argentine talent and turned them into Casa Cavia’s gracious hosts: Ana Mosqueda (editor-in-chief of Ampersand publishing house), Julieta Caruso (head chef of the La Cocina crew) Camila Gassiebayle (director of Blumm Flower Co.) and Stephania Kallos ( architect-in-charge of the original restoration of the house). Five women bringing together the worlds of food, books, flowers and design.

A meeting place of arts and artisans, where creativity is cultivated. A place to set aside one’s daily routines in favor of pleasure and contemplation.


ORNO pizzeria pays tribute to the master pizza maker and to the Italian-origin craft, in this case adding the contribution of the wonders of the Argentine soil, such as tomatoes from Mendoza. Reinterpreting the classic Neapolitan pizza, only raw material from local producers who care for the environment is used, with a varied, diverse and sustainable agriculture.

The heart of the project is a 400-degree oven that invites friends and strangers alike to share the table. Guadalupe, its creator, dreams of a project of democratic scope, in which everyone can enjoy and no one is left out of the burning heat of the fire.

El Abierto

A club, in the middle of the city, for tennis and events. A place to play and celebrate

El Abierto Eventos is a place with beautiful gardens and green spaces in the middle of city, with Latin American cuisine, wood fired asado and options for contracting the leading events professionals to curate, design and bring your event to life. At El Abierto Eventos, inside and outside spaces flow together to become the perfect setting for each celebration. A place to enjoy the out-of-doors with family, friends and co-workers.

Piso Tres

Piso Tres, combines design, technology and intimacy for every kind of event. A contemporary place to dine in the historic district of Buenos Aires, Piso Tres is intensely vibrant both day and night.

casa gastronomica

We are all unique pieces in a puzzle which is enriched by our differences in personality and profession. This synergy produces a result that is always more than the sum of its individual parts: one plus one equals three.

Our spaces tell stories through the cuisine, the architecture, the arts and people that inhabit them.

We are well aware of the importance of profitability in developing sustainable enterprises. With this premise as our starting point, we offer a career in gastronomy aimed at continuous excellence. We believe in building a professional, interdisciplinary team that will pay attention to every detail that goes into our work each day.

The common denominator of all of our kitchens is the deep respect for the products that we use. To do this, we prioritize relationships with local producers and suppliers and stake our success on developing the best of the local market.

The Founders

Lupe García

As a film producer, Lupe approaches her projects the same way that she does a film production. Just as she would put together a production team, Lupe seeks out individuals with diverse backgrounds to join forces around a shared vision. In all of her endeavors she combines two worlds: the principles of business administration and the creative freedom to design value-added initiatives. She partners with multidisciplinary teams in innovative projects to create venues that transcend the traditional restaurant industry, combining design and cuisine as a means of communication, a way to tell a story. Her background as a gastronomic creative director has taught her that the secret to success is discovering, building and sustaining a strong core identity to ground and guide each new initiative.

Juan Carlos García

As CEO of Transfármaco, Juan Carlos headed and grew a top logistics firm for over 20 years in the market. He then felt he could focus his talents on other, more creative fields, such as gastronomy and leisure. His portfolio today includes El Abierto, Casa Cavia, Piso Tres and Carne, where, like an orchestra conductor, he creates and supervises creative working groups with the proficiency gained in his years as a business leader. Always open to new ideas, he has also produced a new version of La Biblia de Vox Dei, from the viewpoint of Juanse, as if to demonstrate that talent and innovation are not limited to only one field when you want to change the world.

The Chefs

Juan Orsini, ORNO

Trained in the kitchen craft, he believes that the most important thing in his work is to find meaning in things by creating a space where ideas can be proposed, where there is creative freedom focused on discovering new techniques applied to simple products. He works together with the producers, who also join in and propose ingredients to achieve a special balance and surprise the guests. For him, the Cavia Kitchen, where he worked for five years, was like being on a journey, in which he learned to constantly observe, listen and learn.

Julieta Caruso, Casa Cavia y Asadero

Julieta Caruso, a young chef from Bariloche, worked at Mugaritz for nine years. She began as an intern, moved on to become Station Chef, Sous-chef, and finally Head Chef for two years. She also spent a year traveling and working in Asia: Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore and India where she describes an experience of “starting over.” At the end of her travels she returned to Mugaritz to join the team responsible for managing the organization and logistics of the outreach department which provides advisory services, gives courses and presents papers, offers four hands dinners and much more.

Our Architects

Kallos Turin

The restoration of Casa Cavia was carried out by the firm of KallosTurin, founded in 2003 by architects Stephania Kallos and Abigail Turin. KallowTurin is an international design firm with offices in London and San Francisco. The firm provides full architecture, interior and furniture-design services. Past and current projects include high-end single family homes and unique residential developments as well as office, restaurant and retail projects. In 2010 KallosTurin was awarded an International Award from the Royal Institute of British Architects for its design of the Villalagos Residences in Uruguay. Turin and Kallos met in London, while the two were working at David Chipperfield Architects.

Chamber projects

Juan García Mosqueda studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Harvard University. He is a freelance curator, writer, designer, consultant, and scouter. He is the founder of Chamber, an online and offline content platform for ideas that work at the intersection of art, design and architecture. Founded in 2014, Chamber collaborates with designers, architects, curators, critics, researchers, artists and writers to produce OBJECTS, SPACES and EXHIBITIONS. He has worked with more than 400 people from a wide spectrum of disciplines and continues to promote our greater commitment to material culture through the commissioning of new projects, both physical and digital.

Our Collaborators

Sabrina Altamirano

Sabrina is a graduate of Professional Pastry from the IAG (2009). She worked for four years at the Hotel Abasto Plaza developing and preparing breakfasts and desserts at social and business events. Then she trained at the La Rural Estate, where she carried out a large number of fairs that received thousands of visitors. Later, she was Head of Pastry at Espacio Dolli, where she was able to travel and learn with Dolli Irigoyen. Tireless, she took courses in chocolate, pastry for events, desserts, chocolate, and pieces of candy. Her purpose is to grow in her profession and make her knowledge available to create in the pastry space of Casa Cavia y 1636 Restaurant.

Daniel Calderón

A champion of Great Baristas, Daniel believes that a barista doesn’t just make a good cup of coffee, but of develops a language. Daniel was born in Lima, Peru, where he studied Gastronomy and Tourism at Cenfotur. He also specialized in 20th Century bartending at the Universidad del Cocktail. In 2007 he came to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in 2009 joined the team at MEZCLA. First as the barista at La Panadería de Pablo, and then, starting in 2015 at Casa Cavia. That same year he expanded his background by studying at the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and in 2016 won first place in the competition “Demand good coffee" of the Four Seasons Hotel.

Our Collaborators

Flavia Arroyo

In 2012, at the age of 19, she began working in gastronomy at the Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, where she spent four years. Later, in 2013, she took the Professional Bartender course at the Centro Argentino de Vinos y Espirituosas. In 2016 she worked at Siete Fuegos de Francis Mallmann in Valle de Uco, Mendoza, as a room manager and bar manager. In 2017 she was hired as Head of Bar to transform Casa Cavia, together with the cook Julieta Caruso. In 2021 he was a finalist in the World Class competition. Now she also leads the 1636 bar, with classic and contemporary cocktails.

Marcela Harris y Christian Krizaj

In Mezcla we have a vegetable garden near our restaurants at El Abierto tennis club in Saavedra. The idea was born from the need to generate a traceability of our ingredients, and to be able to experiment with unique flavors to enrich our dishes. Those in charge of the project are Marcela Harris and Christian Krizaj, agronomists, who did soil analysis, planned the crops and designed the garden under the rules of the golden ratio, a mathematical relationship that occurs in different structures of nature. The orchard aims to transform itself into a meeting and recreation space for all the members of Mezcla and this mathematical proportion makes the space friendly to the eye, an edible landscape.